DEP Believes Dead Mountain Lion Was A Pet

The DEP believes that the mountain lion killed in Greenwich was a captive animal that escaped or was released. It is illegal for a private individual to keep a mountain lion in captivity in Connecticut, and the Environmental Conservation Police Division is conducting a criminal investigation into the matter.

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“DEP continues to believe that the animal killed in Milford was indeed the one seen in Greenwich” in early June, DEP Deputy Commissioner Susan Frechette said Monday afternoon. “Until we have something that we can really go on — a fresh paw print, a photo — we will go on the assumption that there is only one.”

A paw print found near the mountain lion sighting Sunday at the Audubon Preserve in Greenwich could not be determined to belong to a mountain lion, she said, but investigations are ongoing and the DEP is recommending that residents keep their children close and not leave pet food outside.

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  1. Ratlum Mountain Boy

    What evidence has the DEP offered that this lion was a pet? Seems like a lame excuse? Do we have numbers on the amount of money it could cost the state if lions were declared a present, native and endangered species here? I guess for now we need more evidence.


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