1. stripertime

    where in shelton is this i live off long hill ave and would like to check the spot you are talking about

  2. Maria

    I know that part of shelton well. There are at least 3-4 areas of water co. Property. Were you near Trap Falls reservoir on Isinglass Rd? There are some sharp curves there at the end toward Huntington St. There are other areas but your description of the road fits that area. There was a sighting in that neighborhood a year or so ago.

  3. Larry

    My neighbor in derby off a benanto drive was saying he saw a mountain lion in his backyard. He set up a pole camera and what was in his backyard was a rather large bobcat. I would imagine people can make mistake a bobcat for a mountain lion. Give a specific location as I would like to check myself for a mountain lion in shelton.

  4. Jim

    A former owner of a animal rescue based in Shelton posted two pictures on facebook a couple of days ago taken in her yard I think with a Deer Cam and although one picture was somewhat blurry the other one clearly shows it to be a large cat and it has the build and color of a mountain lion without a doubt. Looking close at the picture the cat has lots of hind quarter muscle and thick legs and a somewhat small looking head which are all chracteristics of a mountain lion as opposed to a bobcat which would, even with a larger cat, be more equal in its proportions.

  5. Tom

    My daughter saw a mountain lion cross route 8 southbound near exits 12/13 in Shelton last March. her description left no doubt in my mind that it was a cougar and not a bocat. I posted the details she provided to me on this site. Looks like this cat has found a home.


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