1. Ellen Kratzer

    Back before this website was established, I too saw a mountain lion in Roxbury. I was walking my dog on our dirt road on 1/1/03 when my dog barked. I looked down the road and out of a gully came a large cat. I froze, so did my dog. It was about 40 ft away. It started to walk in to the wood and I was able to see it’s long tail, very muscular body. I had previously seen a bobcat and it was no bobcat. It was the size of a German Shepard, long with a lighter color on it’s hairy belly while it’s top color was a fawn color. At one point it stopped..and so did my heart. It turned and looked at us. At which point I raised my arm and yelled at it to “keep going”. It did. I made sure it was out of sight and started for home where I saw a neighbor outside. I told her about the hugh cat I had seen and she said “oh, that’s our mountain lion, we’ve all seen it out and about”. Thanks for the heads up!!! My husband and son did not believe me. However there were many people in the area who also saw mountain lions. I know what I saw and how I felt being alone on a dirt road with one. Since then I’ve seen 2 more bobcats and when I see them I don’t feel any fear like I did with the mountain lion.

  2. Kyle Hobbs

    just saw one in i think the same spot it was across the road from the river. it ran up the hill but not fast i reversed and shined my headlights at it. it checked out my car for a second and disappeared.


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