1. weather01089

    Not a surprise, plenty of sightings from Suffield and Agawam. A cat was hit on 159 in Suffield last summer, and reported by a couple of witnesses. However, the animal control responded and have gone silent. The witnesses reported a large cat with a long tail.

  2. Kris

    Do you mean Rt 140? If not please provide better details cause I work right next to the airport and maybe able to check for tracks

  3. Evonnie T. Gbadebo

    One evening during the fall of 2008, my daughter who was a medical resident at Yale New Have Hospital arrived home about midnight. She saw a mountain lion on our street, Derek Lane in Windsor. We live about 2 miles from Bradley Airport. She was terrified and left her car running in the street in front of our home. I am convinced as she was that she actually saw a mountain lion, based on her description of the large cat. It ran in front of her car and she got an excellent view of it in the headlights of her car.

  4. Doris Zumbroski

    I saw a mountain lion in my driveway and went right to the computer to make sure I was right. It was tan with black markings on its face and a ling tail thick all the way to the end. It was the size of a large dog. I live in Avon near the ‘found land’ and many of my neighbors have seen this animal,.


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