1. John A. Lutz

    most likely reason why event received little or no attention, officials do NOT want to admit to wild cougars being in state…..

  2. John A. Lutz

    Yet another Ontario Biologist says: “Wild cougars have been known across eastern Quebec & NE Ontario for well over 150 years….why U.S. Officials have ignored or deny their presence, probably is because they do not want new englanders to know they exist so close to the northeast U.S. states”!

  3. TMC

    That’s a very confusing video. 40-50 lbs? Mountain Lions weigh two to three times that much. They only have spots when they’re kittens. And while this cat does appear to have a long tail, it doesn’t look quite long enough.

    Wonder if it could one of those weird Savannah Cats or something…

    • somersguy

      That is very clearly a small mountain lion. Keep in mind, a lion doesn’t go from tiny kitten to 150lb beast in a matter of days. Its a long process. The tail is definitely much, much longer than a bobcat tail.

  4. nck

    Thats a simple house cat…it may be a big one, but the gait is that of a small, small feline……theres nothing to compare it for size……..big cats don’t bounce around like that, even 40 50 lb ones……

    Nobodies paying attention to it cause its a practical joke.

  5. Carolyn

    that’s what I’ve seen many times. Below, location and year
    Broad Brook/East Windsor, tracks and scat, 1986
    Broad Brook, the adult, 1998
    Broad Brook, a cub, 1998
    Meriden Mountain, adult 1998 or 99
    Cheshire, CT a bone, 2002
    Cheshire, CT, adult, 2003
    Middletown, laurel canyon rd (wadsworth little falls) tracks in mud, and a bone 2003-4
    A mutilated deer, reported to Cheshire police, 2010 (cop took video with her phone, scouted the area, the head was gone – could also possibly be coyote kill).
    Have also heard mountain lions “cat-calls” near the Quinnipiac River near Southington (Rec Park) and near Coginchaug River off of Main St. in Middlefield

  6. Donna

    Definitely looks like a cougar to me


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