1. Marc Belanger

    On Friday February 25th 2017 I saw a massive mountain lion just across the Thomaston/Plymouth line on Carter Rd. in Thomaston. I was driving home coming down Carter Rd. between Rt6 and Thomaston avenue, heading towards Thomaston ave, close to where I live when I saw 2 deer jump out across the road. I looked over to the right side of the road and saw a mountain lion chasing after them in the ballpark of 150 to 170 lbs, maybe even larger.

    I watched something moving on the right side of the road out of the corner of my eye after I saw the deer leap across the road from the woods. I slowed down to get a better look. He jumped out from a gated trail out of the woods onto Carter Rd and ran across but stopped as there is a fast running brook (nibbling brook) which was swollen from the snow runoff since the weather was extremely warm and nearly 65 degrees.

    The cat sighting was just before the Christmas Tree farm on the right hand side as I slowly drove inspecting to see exactly what the cat was. At first I thought it was a Lynx, but it had a very long tail, unlike the Lynx or Bobcat, and it didn’t have spots all over it’s body,. just some lighter gray spots on the belly and lighter fur on the belly but tannish brown/ slightly a red color over it’s body , especially it’s tail.

    I have spotted the Thomaston Linx several times over the past several years I’ve lived in town, however this was way larger and had front paws larger than my hands… I have reasonably large hands.

    Make no mistake about it, I know this was a massive and dangerous wildcat that folks need to watch out for, especially if they let their children wander off to play in the neighborhood. This cat could easily tear any human apart and kill them, adult or child, I don’t care how tough of person you are, a knife just won’t do the job if you are being attcked.. It is large enough to take a small child away from you, and without a gun, there wouldn’t be very much any grown adult could do to assist their child.

    These animals feed on White Tail Deer, and that is what it was chasing, so be very careful, especially if you see deer, they may be close behind the deer. The tail and it’s size is what leads me to believe this is a mountain lion. It wasn’t marked like a cougar, it didn’t have spots all over and it didn’t have the hairy ears like a Linx. It’s long tail gave it away and it’s massively muscular legs and body makes it appear to be one very strong and scary cat. It’s tail was long enough to touch the ground if it wasn’t slightly curled up at the end. It was a greyish/red and tan looking cat with an orangey brown fluffy tail that was very long. The length of the cat was probably 4 to 4.5 feet minus the tail’s additional length.

    • weather01089

      Interesting, but mountain lions are of little threat to humans. They avoid humans at all cost. To try to scare people saying they will get “torn apart” is silly.
      They are common out west, and do well near human populations.

      • S. Giglio

        Carter Road is exactly where my niece saw a mountain lion a few years ago….about 10:30 at night. My brother lives there and a couple of weeks ago, they heard screaming in the woods behind their house. I wonder if this sighting could mean there’s a resident cat there????


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