Mountain Lion on Marlborough/Hebron town line

My family and I just moved to Hebron, CT. As my mother and her husband were on their way home from seeing the new house, they both confirm seeing a mountain lion crossing the street. They said at first it looked like a Golden Retriever, then they realized it was a very large cat by the way it was moving and the shape of its head and body. It was a woodsy area, near the Fire Station in Marlborough heading toward the entrance to Rt 2.

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  1. So, saying it was a bobcat you are implying that my mother and her husband misidentified a bobcat from a mountain lion? I think not. My mom grew up in upstate NY, knows her animals and both my mom and her husband are credible people. They specifically noticed its long tail, tawny coat and size. So either you are saying my mom is an idiot or their are bobcats out there who have had a mutation and grown very long tails. Which is it?

    • I don’t think CML was trying to slight their credibility. Your post clearly identifies one of the distinguishing features between cougars and bobcats: the long tail. The original post didn’t mention it. Whatever they saw, itsounds like a cool sighting.

  2. Oops, yeah i didn’t mention the tail. Sorry CML, I shouldn’t have gotten so sensitive about it. I guess I’m just wondering why there are so many sightings- although unsubstantiated- that the DEP still says that there are no mountain lions in New England.